Silly Lollipop

I love America, so don’t understand it wrong. I love the people. I love everything, but some things are just silly. And I just have to share them with you – have fun:

I wish sometimes, that there was a person who can explain me, why they call it shipping (=Versand) although there is not ship involved. Or why the zipper is on the other side…Why!? It makes it really difficult to buy a jacket, because you first feel ashamed because you are a German girl not being able to close a jacket and after a while it’s just annoying.
And do the American people want to demonstrate how much milk they can put in one package that it’s still possible to fill some of the milk in your bole without taking a bath in it!? One really obvious thing of Americans in, that they are really friendly, when you are for example in drive thru from Starbucks (everything has a drive thru, because the people don’t like to move). Although some people probably don’t care, how you are – they ask you! And when you drive away from Starbucks with your coffee ( don’t be afraid when the doors lock automatically when the car starts, that’s against people who want to hurt you in your car) on the super wide streets you see boys and girl and old people dancing, singing and holding signs with advertisement in the air…
Today is a very hot day and you turn your air conditioning in the car so cold, that you need to wear a jacket. Our next stop is the supermarket which is of course open on Sunday. But don’t forget you jacket! Although it’s outside way too hot to wear it, it is inside colder than in your car!
Next to the huge American flag is the shop. I don’t even know if you can call them shop, because they are as big as 3times Aldi and offer everything: from pizza to fruits to clothes to cosmetic to school supplies. If you are all done you go to pay – with credit card please! Nobody pays cash. You drive home (take care of 16 years old drivers!). Number 7352, 7354 …7356 there we go! (Never seen a number under 600). Now straight to my queen bed, cause tomorrow’s school.
It’s 6:40 a.m. and my alarm rings. Get up, Henrike, you don’t want to be too late for your first period, which starts on 8:27 a.m., besides on Wednesday – there is it 9:11 a.m.. Ok, to which class do I have to go??? Which teacher??? Which room??? Which building??? Ok wait…the woman gave me my schedule.  Today is Monday…so no late start. A A-Day, B-Day or C-Day??? An A-Day…that means first period is period 02. Thatt means “Yearbook”. That means Mrs. xxx. That means room C225. That means C-Building….CONFUSING!
School is easy, like almost every day. But it’s very interesting. For example when somebody says “Gesundheit” like “bless you”.  First I thought I cannot hear, but they actually speak GERMAN! Whatever…when you confront then with it, they say like: “Seriously???” or “Oh, I thought it’s an animal…”
Teacher: “…..Which country is it???” Student: “aaah…Europe!!!!”

Exchange is about learning. Learning how to live.

Exchange is about learning. It’s not as simple as learning whatever it is that’s told in school, though. It’s about learning how to listen, how to speak, how to think. Learning who you are, who your friends are, the type of people you want as friends. Learning how to trust your innermost feelings and how to find those feelings in the first place. It’s about learning what’s really important to you and learning what you really don’t give a damn about. Exchange is about how to tolerate, how to accept, how to like and how to love. Learning how to give as well as receive and how to trust that everything will even itself out on its own. It’s about learning that your mom and dad do have the right answers sometimes and that your kid sister isn’t such a dumb little kid anymore. Exchange is about learning to treat people as people, not as stereotypes. Learning that sometimes a kiss isn’t just a kiss, sometimes it means more and sometimes it means less. Learning how to achieve, how to suceed, how to accomplish. It’s about learning how to not come in first place and still be proud and about coming in last and learning how to admit that you could’ve been better. Exchange is about learning that large parties don’t necessarily mean a good time. Learning that loneliness doesn’t go away in a crowd and that sometimes it’s okey to be by yourself on a Friday or Saturday night. It’s about learning that lunchtime crowd doesn’t nconstitute your popularity and that popularity is all a matter of perspective. It’s about learning boredom is simply laziness of the mind and that watching three hours of TV every night is noquality relaxation time. It’s about learning that people probably like you a whole lot more than they’ll ever tell you and that it’s your responsibility to make sure your friends know how much you appreciate them. Exchange is about learning how to miss people enough to stick them in the past, and how to miss them so much that it keeps you from moving onto the future. Learning how to motivate yourself and how to motivate others. Exchange is about learning. Learning how to live!


Hey my friends of the sun ☼,

Name: Rike
Age: 16
Birthday: 28.08.
Hobbies: horseback riding, violin, orchestras, piano, performing, photographie, surfen, skiing, kayaking, traveling

My year abroad
Organisation: Ayusa-Intrax
Why USA: Because the USA is beautiful and I am curious about the culture and their life.
Host family
Location: Oregon
Family members: mom, dad, sister (7)
When did I know, that I’ve got a family: 03.08.2012 (5 days before my depature)
When was my depature: 08.08.2012 to New York // 11.08.2012 to my host family